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If you need to reduce the cost of your annual or monthly insurance premium start by comparing the market. We help by pushing your chippy van requirements to multiple UK underwriters and they will strive to get your business by offering you their most competitive quote. How? Select the Quick Quote button now!

 3 Easy Ways to Reduce your Premium 

  • Add a tracking Device 
  • Limit the number of names drivers 
  • Fit an insurance company approved immobiliser 

Chip Van Insurance

The mobile catering food industry is growing  and one of the favourites is the  mobile fish and chip van.  If you are an owner  you will need to make sure that you have the correct cover for your  fish and chip van insurance to cover all foreseeable eventualities.

If this is your first time insuring your catering business or your current cover is up for renewal it makes sense to try and save money by getting multiple quotes from specials catering van underwrites. When you enter your insurance requirements your details will be sent to a select panel of UK brokers that will send an individual quote direct to your mail box shortly after you complete a simple online inquiry form.

 Catering Van Insurance - Types of Insurance Available

  • Third Party :  This is the legal minimum and covers damage to third parties only.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft :   As above, but also includes cover for any damage resulting from fire.
  • Comprehensive will cover you for third party, fire and theft plus additional cover for damage to vehicles or injuries to self. 
  • Breakdown Cover : This whilst not mandatory may be well be worth considering as down time can be expensive. 

Compare Insurance with Multiple UK Specialists Brokers

Tips to Reducing your Annual or monthly  Insurance Premium

  • Increase the Excess: The excess which is the amount that you are held liable for in the event of an accident can be increased. In so doing you are showing that you are taking additional responsibility and holding yourself liable for a higher amount should an accident happen. Most brokers will see this as an indication of less risk, resulting in a quote that would be lower had you not increased the voluntary excess. 
  • Security:  Add additional security to keep your mobile catering van secure when not in use, do make sure that anything added is approved by the UK insurance industry before buying and fitting.
  • Limit the Miles :  If you only travel a short distance on your daily routes then advise the broker as the less time spent driving will reduce your accident risks.  Most mobile catering vans do  low miles as they are mostly stationary so please do push this point to any prospective broker.  
  • Insurance Category:  Vans like cars are classed into categories based on expected cost to repair. 20 categories exist ranging from 1 to 20. Vans that fall within category 1 are the cheapest to insure. As such if your are a young driver or just wish to keep your insurance costs consult this table before you purchase you new van.
  • Black Box  with agreement with your broker prove that you are a good low risk driver by installing a device to measure your driving skills or biometrics. This can be a black box or a simple phone app. With the internet of everything around the corner this I expect will be a mandatory requirement of all mobile van insurance brokers