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A good way to finding a good quote for your burger van is to simply compare the market. We are able to help by proving you with multiple quotes insurance quotes for all burger van categories big or small. Get Quote button now!

 3 ways to Reduce your Premium 

  • Ensure all drivers are over 25
  • Agree to a higher Excess with the broker 
  • Consider pay as you go insurance if your miles are low.

Burger Van Insurance Compare Costs Online

As you shop for cover it’s important to remember that the regular everyday, standard insurance that one is required to carry by law to enable you to legally drive on public roads is not sufficient if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes. Once you sell one item out of your van , whether it be a burger outside the football on Sunday, or a gluten-free snack near the business district, you’re no longer covered with a policy that provides cover for private and domestic use.

Catering van insurance is available for many different types of vehicles, regardless of the model or make, from the smallest van, to a 7.5 tonne truck. Whether your vehicle is purpose built, or a conversion, cover is available. Due to the fact this insurance is a very specific type of cover, it is crucial that you make sure that you are getting the exact insurance that covers your exact needs. Using a broker who knows your specific industry can not only streamline the process significantly (saving you time), but also, as is most often the case, save you money.

Anytime you work with food and the public, your will encounter a unique set of risks. In addition to the often almost routine Public Liability and compensation claims, there are others, which people sometimes forget about. Maybe a passer-by happens to slip and fall on some food. Even though you may have not thrown it there personally, they may want to hold you accountable for not having cleaned it up. Let’s not forget about the ‘for-what-ever-reason’ disgruntled customer. They may deem it proper to take out their grievances on your van.

Protect Your Business

There is no question whatsoever, your vehicle is without a doubt a key part of your business. Obtaining fully comprehensive cover what the vast majority of business owners do. The undeniable advantage of this is that you are not only covered for the financial repercussions should you be involved in a traffic accident, but also for other types of damage and loss.

By having comprehensive insurance, the items and equipment that you will use in your day-to-day, such as ovens, fridges, and grills, will also be covered, not only in the event of a road accident, but also in the case of them disappearing due to theft.

Even though you start each business day with the best of intentions by adhering to strict and rigorous safety and health processes, because your business deals in the sales of meat products that start out raw, there will unfortunately always be the risk of a customer suffering from food poisoning. A wise business operator will always add Public Liability and Product Liability components to their policy to protect them from possible claims.

Not only is it considered prudent, (since your business involves working around hot ovens and juggling sharp knives each day,) the law requires that if you have employees, you have to have Employer’s Liability Insurance. This type of cover provides protection against any potential claims brought about by your employees. Don’t think to yourself; “Oh, Joe would never do that.” It happens. This is your livelihood. Be sure and play it safe.

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