Compare Fish and Chip Van Insurance with multiple UK Brokers

Compare Fish and Chip Van Insurance with Multiple UK  Brokers

Fish and Chip Van Insurance - Get Multiple Quotes 

Compare the Market

A good way to finding a good quote for your fish and chip business is to simply compare the market. We are able to help by proving you with multiple quotes for your fish and chip establishment or a mobile catering van Select the Get Quote button now!

 3 ways to Reduce your Premium 

  • Provide safe and secure overnight parking
  • Increase the voluntary excess
  • Fit a tracking device approved by UK insurance industry

Fish and Chip van insurance

The mobile catering food has seen huge growth in recent and the traditional fish and chip catering vans and shops have been a the pinnacle of this growth, If you are the owner of a mobile or static catering service then make sure you have the proper level of cover to protect your business now and in the future. Insurance can be expensive so in order to find a good deal one approach is to compare the costs over multiple UK brokers that offer this type if insurance,  

If this is your first time ensuring or your current cover is up for renewal it makes sense to try and save money by getting multiple quotes from specials catering van underwrites When you enter your insurance requirements your details will be sent to a select panel of UK brokers that will send an individual quote direct to your mail box shortly after you complete a simple online inquiry form.

Different Types of Fish and Chips Insurance and Why It’s Important

You, as the owner of a Fish and Chips Shop know that it is of the utmost importance to have the correct insurance policy in place as you conduct your day-to-day activities which involve using sharp utensils, working with hot oil, and serving the general public.

While you are not able to prevent accidents from occurring, you most certainly can see to it that you have adequate cover in place to protect not only your employees and patrons, but also you and your business. This is your livelihood, be smart.

According to The National Federation of Fish Fryers, an estimated 387 million portions of Fish and Chips are sold each year. It goes without saying that you are entitled to your fair share of the population’s eating habits.

By now, there is a good chance that after shopping for Fish and Chips Shop insurance, you may have come to realize that it can be a little tough to locate insurance for this specific need. Unlike car or life insurance, this type of cover is very specialized.

Should you opt to go at it alone, you will no doubt find that it is indeed time consuming as you go from one insurance provider to the next, trying to find one that provides this very special type of cover.

Even if you are able to compile a list of insurance companies that do indeed offer Fish and Chips Shop insurance, you still may find that comparing the quotes that each give you can be difficult.

Consider doing as many are doing these days, and use a broker who is knowledgeable in your field. Doing this will not only streamline the process, but it can, as in most cases, save you money.

Types of cover available for your Fish and Chips Shop

Public Liability Insurance

This will provide you cover if a member of the public is injured or their property is damaged while they are on your premises.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you have employees in your Fish and Chips Shop, you are required by law to have this type of cover. This will provide the needed protection should they make a claim against you for injury or illness that occurred as a result of working for you.

Contents Insurance

This type of insurance will cover the contents of your Fish and Chips Shop. This includes all tools and equipment necessary for your work. It can also provide cover for refrigerated or frozen items along with stock.

Business Interruption

If unexpected repairs are needed, or a supplier goes out of business, and your shop is unable to operate due to this, having this type of cover will help to reimburse you for any loss of income, and take care of some of your overhead.

Buildings Cover

This is advisable if you own the building that you operate your Fish and Chips business out of. This will cover flood, fire, theft, and accidental damage.

Financial Cover

Yes, you can indeed pay money to protect money you may have on your premises, including that which is kept in a safe.

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