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If you have a catering  business, naturally you have a big interest in what the top selling flavors will be this year. Maybe it will be strawberry ripple, or toasted almond, or mint chocolate chip. Perhaps finding this out has made it to the top of your to-do list however, it’s a good idea to make securing the correct level of cover is at the top of that list to setting up your mobile catering business.

Your business vehicle is much more than a form of transport. It is the means by which you make your livelihood. Risks that are present, as well as the steps needed to be taken to protect against them are vastly different than those addressed in an ordinary, standard vehicle insurance policy. Having the correct ice cream catering insurance is imperative. With the proper cover in place, you will be able to relax, knowing that both you and your business are protected.

As is the case with any type of insurance, you will need to understand, and thus determine what types of cover need to be included in your  van or trailer policy. This simply comes down to knowing the risks that will be present not only for your vehicle, but also for your business. Some key risks can include;

  • Theft of or vandalism to your vehicle
  • Litigation that might arise resulting from product sales
  • Damage/theft of equipment or stock
  • Road traffic accidents

In addition to these risks, your catering insurance policy should contain certain components that will provide you with all-round protection.

Types of Cover to Consider

Fully Comprehensive It goes without saying, you cannot do any business without your vehicle. That is why it is so important to be fully protected against any and all risks. By having comprehensive cover included on your policy, you will be covered for any damages not only to you and your vehicle, but to all others involved in the event of an traffic accident. It also will cover theft or damage to your catering van.

Public Liability In the day-to-day operations of your business, you will no doubt be involved with the general public on a regular basis. Because of this, there will be additional risks to your van, equipment, and practices. It is crucial that you protect yourself against these. All wise business owners include this type of cover.

Product Liability In general, ice cream is usually thought of as a relatively safe food product. Even so, if stored improperly, food poisoning can still occur. Certain bacteria that can be found in dairy product are particularly hardy, even under refrigerated conditions. A single incident of food poisoning could be financially devastating. Product Liability Insurance will provide you cover should you be sued for compensation.

Employers Liability Here in the UK, if you have employees, you are required by law to carry Employer’s Liability Insurance. This type of cover will protect you should one of your employees be hurt on the job and pursue compensation.

To obtain the very best quote for, it is important that you take the time to educate yourself as to which types of covers are best for your exact needs and shop around. Using a broker who is well versed on the ins and outs of  this type of cover is a smart move. Not only can they streamline the often lengthy process, but also, as most often the case, they can save you money.

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